Halfcode | Bright Ideas

Halfcode’s mission is to develop meaningful solutions to many of society’s most critical issues using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. We believe it’s our responsibility to help build a better tomorrow by driving change and positive impact in everything we do. Here’s how we do it.

Indentifying a Need

We start by researching the problem we identify to be an issue of critical importance and make a decision to pursue the development of a solution on the criteria of whether we can make a meaningful change and social impact in an area of human needs.

The problems we face in today’s world are often complex, so we make it our passion to focus our efforts on finding solutions to issues that affect those most in need. We’re dedicated to developing artificial intelligence for good.

Developing a Solution

Once a need is identified, we proceed with a brainstorming of ideas. Our team sets its sights on looking at a problem in new ways and generating an innovative approach. We combine passion, intelligence and problem solving to create solutions to complex social issues.

At Halfcode, we’re committed to taking a stand on many of today’s most critical human needs. We believe in the importance of finding solutions for people most in need, those affected by poverty and homelessness, gun violence, inequality and discrimination based on gender, immigration status, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion.

From Idea to Reality

Talking about an idea is easy. Making that idea into a reality is where the real challenge begins. To make that happen, our team starts on the process of building a series of prototypes while simultaneously exploring the viability and sustainability of the idea within the marketplace. Assessing a critical need to be filled, while creating a positive social impact, is at the core of everything we do. At Halfcode, we believe it’s not just an opportunity. We believe it’s our responsibility.